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This is a secure PayPal transaction. Once a litter is born, please call, text or Facebook before leaving a deposit or purchase to make an appointment to meet your kitten and to make sure kittens are still available as they do sell quickly. The kitten deposit is only $250.00 and balance is due at time of pickup, accepting PayPal with additional 3.5%, cash, check or credit/debit card. Newly added for "Kitten Purchase" you can now send any amount if you wish to pay in full or make payments. Must be paid in full at time of pickup. When submitting payment, please leave your Name, Email, and phone number in the form to the left to record appointment and transactions properly.

Thank You for helping Coastal Bengals find their fuuuurever home!!

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Deposit for

Available Kitens

Deposit for kittens are $250. Paypal charges a 3.5% fee so the total deposit sent will be $258. This deposit goes toward the total cost of the kitten and will guarantee your kitten is yours! This also goes towards getting your kitten up to date with shots and being neutered/spayed before going home.


Pay Remaining Balance

Pay remaining balance for your kitten! PayPal charges a 3.5% fee so the total remaining balance sent will be $1293. This is due upon pickup of your kitten.


Pay Other Amount

Pay other amount. PayPal charges a 3.5% fee, please add to your amount.


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